A Dream Vacation to Evergreen City of India - Trivandrum

Thiruvananathapuram / Trivandrum is an Evergreen City of India which is the capital of the state of kerala. With its windy backwaters, hill stations, beaches, long stretches of palm fringed shorelines, lagoons and wild life sanctuaries makes thiruvananthapuram one of the most visited pilgrim centers and adorable paradise of India. Thiruvananthapuram is India's evergreen destination, Mahatma Gandhi crowned it with the title of Evergreen city of India.

The word Thiruvananthapuram’ is derived from the Malayalam word “Thiru”, “anantha” and “puram”, which means “City of Lord Ananta” referring to the deity of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple located in the city. Thiruvananthapuram is an ancient and thrilling region of low-lying coastal hills trading traditions dating back to 1000 BCE. Thiruvananthapuram is a major information technology pivot of kerala.

In the 17th century the king Marthanda Varma expanded the territory and founded the princely state and Thiruvananthapuram was made capital of Travancore. Following India's independence in 1947, Thiruvananthapuram became the capital of Travancore-Cochin state and remained capital when the new Indian state of Kerala was formed in 1956.


One of the must visit places to visit in Kerala, God's own countryis Trivandrum. Thirvananthapuram / Trivandrum is the best tourist spot in Kerala. This place is explore with highly developed road, an international airport, two railway stations, historical places, hill stations and much more. Trivandrum has some extremely beautiful inspiring and incredible destinations for family trips, picnic spots, romantic getaways, that will fill your travelogue with fun, frolic and excitement.

So, scroll down to know what all awaits you here in a beautiful city Thiruvananthapuram:

Kovalam Beach


Kovalam Beach is one of the major tourist attractions in Evergreen City. Kovalam Beach comprises of three separate beaches, the Lighthouse Beach, the Hawah Beach and the Samudra Beach. The Kovalam beach is exquisitely symbolized with several luxurious facilities like five-star accommodations, posh cafeterias, premium shopping zones, catamaran cruising, sunbathing services, cultural programmes, herbal body toning massages, Ayurvedic health resorts and Ayurvedic massage centres. Absolutely, the captivating beauty of kovalam beach is setting sunset.You would not want to miss out the admirable beauty of sun setting in horizon. The most popular attraction in Kovalam area is the stunning Lighthouse Beach. Lighthouse beach is a heady mix of burnished sand, enthusiastic waves, lean palms, and miles of crystal clear water. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse through a spiral staircase until you reach the very summit and also it has a bounty of beauty and engaging activities. The best time to visit or plan a trip to the Lighthouse Beach will be winters. Kovalam Beach is also famous for its special varieties of fish, old Hindu temples, big churches and a mosque. Kovalam was among the most prominent tourist spots in India.

Padmanabhaswamy temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple


Thiruvananthapuram has been a great centre for the best Pilgrimage sites, Worship places & Temples. There are famous temples in kerala, Thiruvananthapuram that shows its heritage. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple located right in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram is the most famous temple in Kerala. See Padmanabhaswamy Temple was constructed in the 16th century by the kings who ruled over Travancore at that time. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the idol of the deity Padmanabhaswamy, is in a reclining position on the serpent Anantha. The brilliant architectural style with sophisticated stonework and breathtaking scenery makes it one of the most opulent tourist attractions in Thiruvananthapuram.
Opening hours: 3:30 am to 12 noon and 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Napier Museum and Zoo


The Napier museum is one among the architectural marvels, was established in 1855 by the Maharaja of Travancore. It stretches for over 55 acres of woodland and therefore a Zoo and a Park known as public gardens. The Sri Chitra Art Gallery is located within the compound of the Napier Museum, displays original painitings of the most talented, Raja Ravi Varma as well as some Tanjore paintings and Indian mural paintings. It is a must visited place for Every artists and Artlovers. Photography inside the art gallary is prohibited.While visiting this museum, you can also visit one of the oldest zoological parks. Thiruvananthapuram is a popular attracion for a wild adventure. The zoo includes over 100 species of indigenous and exotic animals from across the globe, native species like the lion-tailed macaque, Indian rhinoceros, Nilgiri langur, royal Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion and leopard, along with nine Asian elephants. It is about 2 kms from Thiruvananthapuram Central.

Timings: 9am - 5pm (All Days of the week Except on Monday)

Napier Musuem and zoo

Neyyar Dam


Neyyar Dam was established in 1958 located on the foot of the Western Ghats about 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Neyyar dam is situated at Kallikkad Panchayath of Kattakkada, Trivandrum. It is a Rubble masonry gravity-type dam with a height of 56 m. Neyyar Dam is one among the most tourist destination around Trivandrum. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary which is the home of unique species of flora and fauna. A Lion Safari Park, Crocodile Rearing Centre, Two beautiful Waterfalls, Boating Services are the main highligthts of Neyyar Dam. Neyyar is truly a nature lover’s paradise and if you are in this south destination, this place is a must visit.

Poovar Island


Poovar is situated between the gorgeous River Neyyar and Arabian Sea. The origin of the name "Poovar" has a story related to Marthanda Varma. Located about 20 km south of main rustic island town of Trivandrum. The place is known for its pristine charm, the island gets visitors who leave tranquility and peace. Poovar beach is very magnificent that has many 5 star hotels and Island hotels to attract tourists throughout the year. Poovar is truly a romantic Getaway which attracts tourists as a best destination which locally means the "River of Flowers". The best time to visit Poovar is from August to May. The best part of Poovar is it's Backwaters Canal Cruise and Bird Watching. The authentic views of this beach attract large number of visitors from all over the world. It is an ideal destination for relaxing and cherishing the alluring beauty of beach.

Shanghumugham Beach

Shanghumugham Beach


Shangumugham beach, located very near to the International Airport, Trivandrum is a perfect hangout to spend your evenings because of the serene atmosphere and the mesmerizing seashore will enable you to relieve all your stresses. You can also view the famous sculpture 'Sagarakanyaka' by the renowned sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman near the beach. Beach side attractions are the star fish restaurant, indoor recreation club and Nehru Park. The sculpture of Jalakanyaka-Mermaid by Kanayi Kunhiraman is an added attraction. Shangumugham Beach is an incredible beach and most interesting tourist spots in Thiruvananthapuram.

Veli Beach or Veli Lagoon


Veli village, is the hub of tourist activity which has been developed as a main tourist spot on the outskirts of Kerala’s capital city situated around 8 km from Trivandrum. It's a huge area providing facilities for pedal-boating, row boating, swimming, get together, etc. The other main entertainments are well maintained park for kids, horse riding and boating facilities. The walk on the floating bridge over the Veli Lake which connects the Veli Park with the Veli Lagoon gives us a stunning view of the Lake and its surroundings. Just a few minutes’ walk on the beach sands, we can reach the awesome beach for just sit and relax.

Veli Beach

Ponmudi | The Golden Peak


Ponmudi is a magnificent hill station in Trivandrum, Kerala. Ponmudi is situated at a height of about 3000 ft and it is about 60 kilometres from Thiruvananthapuram. Ponmudi is also called "The Golden Peak" and situated in western ghats. The place "Varayadu Mottai" is the highest peak in Ponmudi and it is a natural habitat of Nilgiri Thar. The time to visit Ponmudi in winters and enjoy the clear view of waves of rolling hills which encompass the western ghats. The top gets really hot during summers and may cause irritation to travelers who choose to visit Ponmudi in the afternoon slot. The peace and serenity that exists around the hills and meadows of this scenic hill station makes it a wonderful destination for the nature lovers, leisure seekers and backpackers!


Trivandrum is filled with lots of serene beauty. There’s a wide range of things to explore in Trivandrum like beaches, backwaters, hill station, forests.There are ample accommodation options Thiruvananthapuram. You can find many budget, mid-range and luxury hotels in the city. The hotels are known for their hospitality and services. Keys Hotel has been liked by visitors and is close to most of the tourist spots in the city.


Trivandrum offers a variety of delicious food in its cafes and restaurants.There are several multi-cuisine restaurants that serve local as well as Tamilian, Chinese and North Indian cuisine. You can also find several fast-food restaurants in the city. The local cuisine is unique and characterized by the use of plenty of coconut and spice.