Kovalam Beach


Kovalam Beach is the one among the famous beach and the most popular visitor's spot in Trivandrum city. It is located 13km away from Trivandrum city in Kerala. This beach is separated by three beaches, these three form a crescent of Kovalam. They are Hawa beach/Eve beach, Samudra Beach and Light House Beach. The Kovalam beach is a picturesque coastal town which is coated with resorts and ayurvedic massage center.

The Hawa Beach or Eve Beach Kovalam is connected with lighthouse beach. Hawa Beach is located near the Arabian sea. There are a lot of restaurants some of them are with seafood specialty. This Beach is filled with a lot of activities like Kite flying, Water sports and the best place to swim and bath. The tourism department has now posted vigilant lifeguards services on both Lighthouse and Hawa Beach.

kovalam beach

Light House Beach Kovalam was called so because old Vizhinjam lighthouse is located here. The lighthouse is 118 feet height and is built using stones, is colored in red and white bands. The tall lighthouse gives us a wonderful view. The lighthouse has a lot of eateries and lip-smacking dishes are available there.

Samudra Beach Kovalam is near north of Asoka Beach, it is one of the cleanest beaches along the western coastal side. The government has constructed a walkway along the beach there are many restaurants has an umbrella table serving seafood. It is an astonishing sight that waves striking on rocks. Activities here in the Beach are surfing, sunbathing, swimming and volleyball that are enjoyed on this beach.

shanghumugham beach

Shanghumugham Beach


Shanghumugham is the famous Beach in Trivandrum which is 8km from the city and located on the western side. The locals and natives here spend their weekend here, this beach is crowded every weekend and holidays. The gigantic sculpture of mermaid (Matsya Kanyaka) made by famous sculpture Mr. Kanai Kunjiraman is the main attraction here. There is exactly a Star fish-shaped hotel and Chacha Nehru Traffic training park for children to help them to learn traffic rules is another major attraction. The sunset on this beach is visible and clear.

Varkala Beach (Papanasham beach)


Varkala beach is also called Papanasham beach located in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala. Papanasham beach is less crowded always found calm and clean. It is believed that dip in this water cleanses all the impurities and sins. This beach is long and sandy, the sea-facing the cliffs is the wonderful view. The cliff has many restaurants and massage centers. This beach is not much commercialized and nowadays the beach is getting popularized. Varkala Beach is famous for Sivagiri Madam and Janardhana temple.


Poovar Beach


The Poovar Beach is one of an exotic beach, the natural wonder with lush greenery, backwaters. Poovar is the popular tourist village and picnic spot in the southern tip of Thiruvananthapuram, it is a small coastal town. The beautiful beach looks stunning with golden sand and surrounded by refreshing gentle air. This wonderful Poovar island where sea and river meet the land. Poovar is mostly attracted by the tourist for its wonderful beach and an ideal destination for cherishing. Poovar Island is surrounded by small canals and situated close to the Neyyar river. The backwater area is rich with flora and fauna. Poovar is the spectacular beach destination and a nice place to visit.

Chowara Beach


Chowara Beach is a 10km distance from Kovalam, this golden sandy beach is dotted with coconut tree. It is a lesser-known beachside, this is an ideal calm and beautiful place for the families to enjoy. It is a clean and splendid beach for relaxing and enjoying. Chowara beach has activities like sunbathing, water sports, ayurvedic resorts, and massage center is also available there.

Vizhinjam beach1

Vizhinjam Beach


Vizhinjam is an international shipping route of Kerela, it is an ancient seaport of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Vizhinjam has an old fishing industry and is still alive, we can see real-life fishermen working in the sea. Today Vizhinjam port is flooded with fishing boat, we can see lots of fishermen is working in the distant sea. Vizhinjam marine aquarium, Lighthouse and Rock-cut Temple is the center of attraction here.

A marine aquarium is the main place we must visit, which is rich in marine wealth with a wide and rare variety of marine species are found here. The Fisheries Department has joined together with the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) to disseminate the technology for sea farming to produce designer pearls. Oyster farming, implantation, Oyster seed production and harvesting the designer pearls.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse is located close to Vizhinjam harbour, it gives ethereal view of Arabian sea. The visitors' time is restricted here, it is open for visitors from 3 to 6 pm. Next attraction here is Rock-cut Temple, You will be dumbfounded by the vivid sculpture which shows the skill of workers behind the immense work. The main deity here is known as Vinadhara Dakshinamurthi and the outer wall of this temple we can see a semi carved statue of Lord Siva and his spouse Parvati. Fishing harbor is yet another place of significance in Vizhinjam. This harbor is famous because of a demonstration plant that converts the energy from sea waves to electricity. The electricity is provided to the local net here. The plant works based on the principle of the Oscillating Water Column (OWC).

Azhimala Beach


Azhimala Beach is near to Kovalam and 20km away from Trivandrum city. In Malayalam Azhimala ‘Azhi’ means Sea and ‘Mala’ means Hill. It is a beautiful destination where the beach looks stunning, the colorful beach catches the attraction of a photographer. There are rocky coast and steep cliffs on the beach always beware of the violent waves, the travelers and tourists should be alert when visiting here. The Siva Temple is another area when visiting this beach, it is a famous temple. We can see fisherman fishing with old catamarans and many of the tourists visit this place for Ayurvedic Treatment.


Veli Beach and tourist village


Veli Tourist Village where the lake meets the Arabian sea it a unique picnic spot. It is 10km away from the capital city Trivandrum. There is a stunning decorated garden in the bank of the Lake amidst the greenery and one can roam here. This beautiful destination has so many activities areas for the tourist such as swimming pool, kids play area, horse rides cafeterias, various boat rides in the lake, floating restaurant, etc. The water lagoons of Veli which is a rare water body besides the sea, the boating facility available here will take you to turn around in the Aakulam backwater. Horse and pony riding and many small snack shops are available here. The stone and grass sculptures along the walkway are so astonishing to view. Another major attraction here is an incredible floating bridge and KTDC floating restaurant which is exciting to experience.