Jatayu Earth centre or Jatayu Nature Park, is the ultimate destination and latest tourist attraction in kerala. The world largest birds Sculpture is the greatest attraction here, one must visit there to see the beauty of Mythical bird statue which become viral around.

This was actually situated in small village Chadayamangal, Kerala it is 50 kilometer from Trivandrum City, towards the North.

The famous and elegant birds sculpture is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet tall and this delightful stone finish makes the staute one of the world wonder. Jatayu para took 10 years to construct from start to finish .This was an extraordinary masterpiece creation of Malayalam film Director Rajiv Anchal and giving a great applause to his dedicated work. This great statue conveys the message about womens safety and Honour.



Jatayu Earth Centre includes Four hills developed for tourism:

Jatayu Rock Hill or Jadayu para:

This is the tallest rock and with a height of 1000 feet. Here Jatayu Sculpture is made in rock.

Adventure Rock Hill:

Here Rock adventures activities are added and it is a great funfilled enjoyment. There are many different activites to join such as rock climbing, zip lining, high ropes course, archery, air rifle shooting, paintball, trekking, 12D cinema and much more.


Elephant Rock Hill or Anapara:

The activities around this rock is yet to start as on date and is expected to have a zip line, sky cycling, night tent, campfire, moonlight dinner with live music, live kitchen etc.

Kitchen Rock Hill or Adukala para:

In this Rock Siddha rejuvenation is done inside the natural caves with accomodation and have herbal garden. The air surrounded here carrys the fresh smell of herbs. The helipad is made near to this hill.


Jatayu para opening and closing Time and Ticket details

Jatayu earth centre opens Monday to Sunday from 9.30 a.m till 5.30 pm

The entry fee to Jatayu Para Nature Park is 400 INR

The cable car ride to the Jatayu bird statue on top of Jadayu Rock is 400 INRTo reach the top of Jadayu Rock there is a scenic cable car ride that carries up to 128 passengers at a time.

If we want to see the Birds sculpture we need to make sure the use of the rope car to reach Jatayu rock . To reach the top of Jatayu Rock this spectacular cable car ride that carries the passenger at a time split between 16 cable cars, where pre-booking is required which need to be done online throughhttp://www.jatayuearthscenter.com/hill1.html.

Please notethere is no ticket counter to do the manual booking and only online booking is allowed with a time slot of 10 to 12, 12 to 3 and 3 to 5 where the charge is Rs. 400/- per person including rope car ride. This time slot means, we need to visit the place according to the time slot given to us and the rope cars runs continuously.

There is a small pond near the rock and never goes dry. The pond is thought to be made by Jatayu's beak which is 304m height. We can see a footprint that is said to be of Lord Ram. Old peoples can also experiencing this beautiful place , really this place is something special for everyone and extraordinary destination to spend an entire day. This place provides wheel chairs for required one.

Significance Of Jatayu Earth Centre

Film director Rajiv Anchal’s thoughtful idea behind this arful creation of sculptor. The message convey the Women Honor and safety. Jatayu signifies a time wher human and other living creatures cared for one another. Jatayu rock illustrate women empowerment. This monumental structure which says about the courage and honour towards women. Jatayu give his life ,it is crucial for men to stand up for the women rights. This statue is actually a tribute to women.

Actually we get spellbound by this most recent tourist destination, the Jatayu Earth’s Centre that has the world's biggest bird sculpture. The absurd Jatayu sculpture resting on the hill grab everyones attraction. It is really the new favourite travel destination in Kerala.


About Jatayu

Jadayu para or Jatayu rock was named after – Jatayu the noble bird of divine orgin from the epic "Ramayana". Jatayu tired to save Princess sita from being kidnapped by the demon king Ravana. During the battle to save the princess , Jatayu got slain off one of his left wing by the sword of Ravana. Jatayu then fell with pain somewhere in Kerala village named Chadayamangalam. This gaint sculptor remembers the insignificant warrior who fought and lost his life to save one's life, in his attempt to preserve the honorable.