Munnar is a beautiful place located at Idukki district of Kerala, is famous all across the world. Owing to the presence of the tea gardens and hilly climate, Munnar is the best honeymoon location. There is something special to enjoy in Munnar, whether it is kids, families or honeymooners. Munnar is the tourist hotbed and one of the most visited destination. This place is located 1600 metres above sea level, Munnar is also home to threatened animals and centre of tea estates in Kerala. Munnar, an exotic hill station with enclosed composure and beauty, that is because we recommends you to visit this beautiful hill station and enjoy every essence of nature.


Mattupetty is located at a height of 1700 meters , Mattuppetty is one of the most important place where mattupetty dams is situated. It is one of the most know dam in Kerala and it is widely used to generate hydroelectric power. Mattupetty is famous for its dairy farm. Mattupetty Dam and lake is an important picnic spot in idukki. The lake is surrounded by thick forest of Western Ghats hills and this place is an exciting experience with boating and occasional view of wild animals like elephant and Sambar.

echo point

Echo Point

Echo point is a located at an altitude of 600 ft and a distance of about 15 kilometers from Munnar. This place is situated right in the lap of a quaint lake and misty hills covered with thick forest. Echo point is well known for its echoing for example if you scream, its fun to hear your voice reverberate around. This beautiful place is the assemblage of three mountain ranges such as Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. Echo point is the paradise of bird watchers. We can see few shops of selling attractive local items here. Rarely we can see Neelakurinji flowers that blossom which enhance its beauty.

Kundala Lake

Kundala is located at a height of 1700 meters above the sea level approximately 20 km from Munnar on the way to Top Station. Kundala Lake has a way to an artificial Dam called Kundala Dam which is another atrractive location. It is considered to be Asia’s first Arch Dam and also known as Sethuparvathipuram Dam. We can see many beautiful views in the surrounding of this dam like green valleys, tea gardens, waterfalls, pine trees etc. The lakeside is acquaint with tall Eucalyptus trees. The boating is major attraction at this beautiful lake. Different types of boating facilites are available here like pedal boating, speed boating, row boating, kashmiri shikkara boating and many more. We see few restaurants and food stalls serves variety of dishes.

kundala lake
top station

Top Station

Top Station is 1700 metres height and it is the highest point in Munnar, it is located at 32 kilometres away from Munnar. Here we can see the splendid scenic view of Western Ghats and the valley extants through Theni District of Tamil Nadu. Top station is historically known for the delivery of tea that Munnar produced to Tamil Nadu and is known as a "Transhipment point" and got this name this was the uppermost railway station in kundala valley. The Top station hills in and around is laden with beatiful shrub called Neelakurinji. Neelakurinji blossoms once in 12 years, these shrubs has blue color flower. Top station is famous for its Tea garden.

Tea Museum

Tea Museum is the major tourist attraction and it an intrinsic part in the history of Munnar. The Tea Museum is located at the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea and it was established in 2005. Most occupation of people in this region is based on tea plantation. This Museum is one of the most renowned in the world for its tea production. The Tata Tea Company hold the record for being the world’s second largest tea producer and distributor. The tea museum gives the first hand knowledge about tea processing and especially of black tea. There is demonstration room for tea tasting is another attraction. one can view different variety of teas and taste most exotic flavors of tea around the world. In this Museum one can view a granite block, which was made in1913. It also has other attractions like “ Pelton Wheel” used for power generation plant in 1920s.

tea museum

Eravikulam National Park


Eravikulam National park is in high range of idukki and is about 97 sq km along the crest of Western Ghats and it is located 15 km from Munnar. The park is one of the most important tourist destinations in kerala, handled by the Kerala Department of Forest and Wildlife, Munnar. The forest we can see here are evergreen tropical forest known as “Sholas”. The national park is divided into three areas– the core area, the buffer area and the tourism area. The tourism area is called Rajamalai where the tourist is allowed to travel deep into the forest to explore its beauty.


Lakkom waterfalls are located in this area the waterfall starts inside the park and ends in Pamba river. The Eravikulam was declared as a wildlife sancturay in 1975 and 1978 it was given the status of National park. This park was aimed to protect the rare Nilgiri Thar and Hemitragus Hylocrious are most commonly found here. Now the park is the home of protected species of flora and fauna. People also visit to this park to view the Neelakurinji flowers that bloom once every 12 years.



Marayoor is the town of idukki 42 kilometres north of Munnar. Marayoor is know as the hub of sandal wood tree. Marayoor houses the ‘muniyaras’ the stone coffins with underground tunnels. These cave like structures resting on vertical rocks, their are painting about the wandering of Rama and Sita and the Pandavas, it claims to be a part of stone age civilization. Marayoor is famous for its traditional handmade product called ‘Marayoor jaggery’.

homemade chocolate

Buy some home-made chocolates and spices


All shops in Munnar town sells ‘home made chocolates’ with variety of flavours with rich taste of nuts, dry fruits etc. We can go around these unique chocolates found in Munnar taste and buy it. Munnar has wide collection of spices too.

Munnar is such a beautiful place in Kerala, because everything and anything here will make us excited. The hills, the mist, the valleys, the streams, the waterfalls, tea plantations, rare flora and fauna. It is a beautiful tea town in Idukki district of Kerala, this is because all the tourist are attracted by this enchanting destination.