Trivandrum - The Turning Point of India's Booming Health Tourism

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Kerala - also referred to as God's Own Country - has always been the epicentre of tourism in India. The recent years have seen a rise in the number of domestic and international tourists flocking to this state for the purpose of health tourism. This has led to a conglomeration of hospitals with the tourism industry, making Trivandrum the hotspot for India's health tourism. The NITI Aayog has identified Medical Value Travel as a major source of foreign exchange earnings. According to a recent study, India has nearly 18% of the global medical tourism market.

With a high cost of healthcare in most Western countries coupled with a long waiting time for medical procedures to be completed, most international tourists find it favourable to visit India for treatments and basic/advanced surgeries. Add to this the fact that international travel is convenient, fast and affordable, making India the easily available choice for health tourism worldwide.

Why Choose Trivandrum?

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Trivandrum has gained fame over the past few years as the pinnacle of ayurvedic treatments and naturopathy. The natural way to treat agonising maladies is the working principle for most people here. Ayurveda forms an ancient gift from India to the whole of mankind. Kerala rightfully claims a rich heritage and tradition in this science of life and prides itself in offering authentic Ayurveda treatment. ‘Ayurveda’ is made of ‘Ayu’, meaning life and ‘Veda’ representing knowledge; thus ‘Ayurveda’ is the art of healing and prolonging life. Various spas and health resorts have contributed towards the capital city of Kerala earning this title. 

In recent years, the government, as well as corporate hospitals have also extended their support in providing several medical tourism packages. A typical medical tourism package includes various services that come at affordable prices. The medical history of the patient is emailed and discussed, the patient is received at the airport, he is escorted to the hospital for treatment and after discharge, he is offered a recuperative holiday at a resort after which a post-treatment check-up is ensured before final departure. This is an all-inclusive package for the patient and the accompanying person.

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The demand for medical treatment and surgery in Kerala is increasing especially for residents in the Gulf and Europe. The NRIs who prefer treatment in their home country, are playing a significant role in this regard. Several MNCs offer medical treatment options to employees and families at cost-effective rates. The cost for most advanced surgeries, ranging from laparoscopic to even open heart surgery, is estimated to be about 25% to 30% of the cost incurred in European or Middle-Eastern counterparts.

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